Problems tethering Nokia via Bluetooth

I spent 3 hours today trying to work out why I could tether my Nokia E71 via USB without a problem but could not managed to get it working over Bluetooth.

I have the latest version of the Novia PC Suite and had successfully paired the device so that all other PC Suite services (file manager, apploader etc) were working.

It turns out that I had 2 Bluetooth Dial up Networking connections, one was the “Nokia E71 Bluetooth Modem(OTA)” and the other was a generic Microsoft Bluetooth Modem. The Nokia one was not being used for some reason.

To rectify this,

  • I opened up “My Bluetooth” dialogue
  • Right clicked on the “Dial up networking” service under the paired Nokia device for properties
  • Select the Nokia Bluetooth Modem from the list instead of the Generic one.
  • Apply the settings

I then deleted the extraneous Bluetooth Dial-up connection from “Network Connections” to make sure it didnt get inadvertantly selected again.

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