Arriving in after taking planes, boats, taxis and bumpy truck rides to our final destination we were delighted to see that the Koh Tao Cabanas had lived up to its reputation. Our lovely appointed room on the hillside beautifully decorated with thai colored silk pillows and wooden artifacts complete with semi outodoor-inn shower.

A stroll along the waterfront we discovered that we are nestled at the quiet northern end of the beach,where as the rest of the resorts seem to be a cluster of ramshackle beachshacks with koh phanghan style bar settings – lots of young Europeans.

With our stomachs rumbling for our first bite of thai cuisine, we headed to the resort’s restaurant. Set into the giant boulders overlooking the beachfront, we followed the candlelit pathway to our table and floor pillows. Over a mocktailand singha beer we ordered what seemed like the most delicious thai food we have experienced – shrimp on limegrass skewers followed by chilli whole sea bass, red chicken curry with fragrant jasmine rice wrapped in banana leaves.

After watching the disappointng fall to the Brits, on the big screen we did the walk of shame back through some raucous crowds to our bungalow retreat.

The king size bed covered with mosquito net, thai cushions provided a comfortable place for a sound sleep on our first night in Paradise!

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