A travel day

Well today was about getting to our destination and it started fairly early from the random deserted serviced apartments that housed us for 5 hours after our flight into Bankok late Friday evening. The place was as deserted this morning as it was when we arrived in the middle of the night at 1:30. Quick continental breakfast then back to the new airport for the domestic flight on Bangkok airlines to Koh Samui.

The flight we had booked was delayed but we made it in time for the earlier 9:30 one so before we knew it we were disembarking in the new Koh Samui airport. We were very impressed with the new airport. I particualrly enjoyed the aquarium behind the men urinal.

We were smoothly shipped from the airport to the fast cat terminal, albiet over some fairly bumpy roads, to find that the next boat was at 1pm, giving us an hour and a half to kill. The cat left about 15 minutes late once the people from our delayed flight had arrrived and we were on the way to the island.

About 24 hours after we left Tokyo, Akasaka on the bus, we arrived into the port at Koh Tao then finally after a short truck ride, to the Koh Tao Cabanas!

Swim, walk on the beach and my first Singha and life is perfect!

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