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Windows Vista multi language support

This is a word of warning to anyone based overseas who is considering the purchase of a new PC with Windows Vista Home Premium installed.

You will not be able to switch to English or any language other than the one that you purchase! This luxury is for owners of Windows Ultimate (or Enterprise) only.

Your options as I see them are

  1. Upgrade to Ultimate when you purchase your PC (it seems that Home Premium is commonly the default OS)
  2. Purchase another copy of Vista in the language you desire
  3. Remove Vista and install XP if you already have a licensed version
  4. Buy a Mac where multi-lingual support is standard

Personally, I am comfortable enough working in Japanese to persevere for the time being to determine if the added effort is worth it for the ‘Vista’ experience but I am very disappointed that Microsoft deems multilingual support something that I must shell out an additional $200 for. Given the increasing mobility of the global workforce, there is going to be an ever increasing demand for software that is independent of language barriers and I can only hope that Microsoft see the light on this issue before they miss the boat.

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