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WhiteAlbum v2.5

I finally found some time to bundle together the changes I have been making sporadically to the album and release them here. These are addtions I made while I was travelling to make it easier to manage the album while on the road and more recently, to integrate some RSS support.

Download here.

Change log:

  • added image resize functionality to the admin. This allows you to resize a directory of images according to the size and image quality settings that you choose.
  • added RSS feed for comments. The feed will list comments accross the whole album or for individual images
  • added RSS feed for images. This feed currently spits out a directory list, allowing users to subscribe to see whenever new folders are added

The following files are affected:
- config.php
- pictures.php
- popup.php
- index.php
- admin/index.php
- admin/imageresize.php (new)

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