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AS2 component tutorial

Good tutorial by Jester.

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Strange setInterval and MovieClip behaviour

I had one of those horrible flash moments today when you sift through a whole lot of code for an inexplicable bug and when you find out what is happening, you are no closer to knowing why!! You look at flash, and flash stares blankly back….

I am using a preloader class to manage the loading of a number of external swfs that are queued then loaded in priority order. The class monitors the progress of the load using an interval.

I want the clips to be hidden as they load, then display them once the whole set have completely loaded so I am setting the visibility of the holder clips before the load begins, then setting the visibility again once the preloader broadcasts the “complete” message.

The problem arises when I pass the target clip details to the preloader which, in turn triggers the interval to monitor the load progress of each clip being loaded. At the point that the interval is triggered, the _visible property of the target clip is reset to true

I have had to load the clips off stage then, snap them into position onLoad to achieve the desired result.

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