First Springbrook ascent

Cracking winters morning – perfect for a spin up to Springbrook from our base in Burleigh.


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Weekend away


This will be home for the next couple of days. Hopefully some nice sunny winter days ahead for Burleigh.

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Sunday arvo with grandparents

Making the most of the Beautiful winter afternoons in Bardon.


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Rainy day

A rainy Sunday in Brisbane requires an outing to GOMA and the state library.




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Afternoon at Rainbow


Cleaning off the feet

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Garmin 500 issues

Recently my Garmin Edge 500 bike computer has started displaying incorrect speeds, typically around half of the actual speed at the time. I’ve clocked up about 2030km on the new frame and previously had no problems on the old frame. I bought it in March 2010 so its almost a year old.

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New years

Degustation at “The River Cottage” restaurant and a
nightcap at “Red on Thomas”. Time for 2011!

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Frame Replaced

At 36,500km my Soloist developed a crack in the frame where the seat post is tightened.

I took her into the local Cervelo dealer (River City Cycles) which took some photos and sent them off to Cervelo for a ruling. Within 2 days I received notification that the frame would be replaced by the new S1 under warranty. The replacement frame arrived a day or 2 later and the bike was rebuilt last monday the 6th so I now have a brand new frame and forks (now with the carbon steerer).

Cervelo are discontinuing the S1 so if it happens again I guess I’ll have to be satisfied with the S2….

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Another new chain

After embracing the “quick release” chain link on my previous dura-ace chain and religiously removing the chain to clean it, it turns out that this was not a good idea and has shortened the life of the chain. An annoying clicking sound when under power that I initially thought was the bottom bracket, turned out to be “chain suck” due to stretching around the quick release link.

At 24,400km I have another new dura-ace chain without a removable link and the shifting is once again smooth and quiet.

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More cables

Andy dropped around with his steel frame steed and we swapped the casette, deraileur cable, rear deraileur and cleaned the front chain rings for what must have been the first time since he got it. We also realized they he needed a 10 speed shifter to match the casette so did not manage to get him back on the road.

I switched my rear deraileur cable in the process at 24,000km on the odmeter.

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